WOD Tracking with SugarWOD

At Bainbridge Island CrossFit, we emphasize a supportive community, measuring progress, and celebrating success all of which starts with a strong coach to athlete relationship. To support these values, we chose the SugarWOD workout app. It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs, and from day one you get to be a part of a special community. Using it is totally optional (you can keep your account private) but we'll be programming workouts for you to follow even though our new facility is still under construction.

1.) To get started, download the free app:

2.) Select Bainbridge Island CrossFit as your home gym.  
3.) You'll receive a push notification each day with the workout of the day
4.) Complete the WOD (modify movements/weight as needed) and post your results/comments.

Welcome to our community!