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Enrollment now open for BICF 6 week middle school (grades 5-8) summer strength program
July 9-August 15 (10:15am-11:15am) Tuesday/Thursday

2019 CrossFit Open & BICF Intramural


The 2019 CrossFit Open along with the 2nd annual BICF intramural are coming soon! Everyone should play and you will be randomly assigned to one of three teams. Anyone who will be at least 14 years old by February 21, can officially register for the CrossFit Open by going to but that is not a requirement to participate in the free BICF intramural. Anyone who is currently enrolled in our CrossFit teen program, or is an adult member of the gym is encouraged to participate on a team. You will be randomly drafted to one of the following teams:

“WOD Up” – Aaron Schulte
“Burpees for Brunch Bunch” – Renee Quinn
“WOD Did We Get Into?” – Holly McIver

Any of our team captains listed above can recruit as well if you’re on the fence. Remember...nobody cares if you are new or can't do a pull-up, and don't worry if you won't be here for all of the workouts, you will still be able to help your team. The whole goal is to bring our community closer, and odds are, you will achieve things you previously thought impossible.

The Open workouts will be announced live on every Thursday night @5pm beginning 2/21-3/21. The Open WOD that is announced will be our gym WOD on Friday (and the teen WOD on Monday). Therefore, if you come to any class on Friday, or teens on Monday, you will be doing the Open WOD. Coaches will explain each WOD and there will be various scaling options as well. Every Friday night beginning 2/22 at 5:45pm, we will also host “Friday Night Lights” so friends and family can come cheer us on! Even if you usually don’t attend our evening class, you’ll want to start on Fridays during the Open (teens too). We encourage everyone to bring some food/drinks to share and come give it your all or at least show up to cheer on your teammates!

 The scoring system for the Intramural will be as follows:

1. Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who completes and submits a scorecard for each Open workout (there will be 5 total)

2. Teams are given 3 points for each athlete who finishes among the top 3 women or top 3 men in the gym per workout (coaches scores do not count)

3. Teams are given 1 point per athlete who participates or comes in to cheer on teammates during "Friday Night Lights" (heats every Friday night beginning @5:45pm from 2/22-3/22)

4. Teams will receive 1 point per every “first” that an athlete achieves during the Open (first pull-up, double under, 20” box jump, etc)

5. At the conclusion of the Open, one team will be awarded "Spirit of the Open" (as voted by the coaching staff) and be awarded an additional 10 points

6. The team with the most points at the end of the 5 week Open will get their name added to the BICF intramural gym plaque and have a year's worth of bragging rights:)

 Still on the fence? Here are a few more reasons to just DO IT!

1.    You will share great moments with people whom you workout with every day, people whom you care for or who inspire you. You also have no idea who is inspired BY you! Working hard and struggling together is a bonding experience.

 2.    Benchmarking your fitness begins now! Trust us that you will look back at this time next year and be so proud of how much you have developed over the year.

 3.    All of the workouts are scalable. Chose workouts you want to do Rx (as prescribed) or chose a scaled version. You will learn a lot and push yourself. The only way to grow and improve is to challenge yourself!

 4.    You will be so very proud of yourself for stepping outside of your comfort zone.

 5.    This is FUN!!