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Membership Options & Pricing

No matter your current fitness level, we want to help you achieve your personal goals. We ask that you call or email us to schedule a FREE 30 minute "No-Sweat" Intro to learn more about you. Our dedicated and highly skilled coaches will help you find the right option to achieve the results you are seeking.   

Services and membership options:

+Personal Training
     -Starting at $75/hour or $45/half hour skills session

  • Whether you are new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, you will work one on one with your own trainer, following a program designed around your goals, lifestyle, & specific needs. Packages of (1,5,10 or 20) 30 or 60 minute sessions available.

+Semi-Private Group Training, limit 5 people per session
     -Prices range from $128-$195/hour

  • This is ideal for those of you who want a more personalized plan in a small group setting. We will work with 2-5 people in a semi-private setting, tailoring your training based on your specific needs and goals.

+Sports Enhancement Training (Team Strength and Conditioning)
     -Contact us for pricing and schedule availability

  • Do you want to take your team to the next level? In addition to sports specific skills, we’re sure you’ll agree that kids need to stay fit to perform at their best during their competitive season as well as to prevent overuse injuries. A team that’s fit before and during the season will always have an advantage over the competition. We won’t teach kids the specifics of their sports, that’s their coach’s job. What we can do is make a child a better athlete, more explosive, stronger, and more coachable.

    We have an experienced coaching staff who have been providing strength and conditioning training for youth athletes and teams since 2009. Our methods are constantly evolving to provide the most effective, safe and fun experience for kids. In fact, two of our coaches played D1 sports themselves and another one travels the world educating coaches and teachers about methods to most effectively and safely train kids of all ages and abilities.

+Individual Program Design
     -Starting at $200/month

  • This is designed for people who have specific goals or need to improve or develop for sport. This is also perfect for those of you who want to follow a personalized program, designed just for you and have the flexibility to complete your work during open gym, your garage, or another training facility. You will also have a monthly goal setting session with Coach Chris to review your progress. (Additional $25/mo for unlimited open gym access)

+Private Fundamentals
     -$150 (includes three 60 min private sessions)

  • New to CrossFit? With 3-5 private 60 minute sessions we will teach you all of the basics to make it safe and comfortable for you to join our Adult Group CrossFit classes. Each session will consist of a warm-up, instruction on proper lifting mechanics, a workout of the day (WOD) and a cool down. A minimum of 3 sessions is required before joining Adult Group CrossFit classes.
    (Up to two additional sessions can be purchased for $50 per session)

+Adult Group CrossFit Classes
     -$170/month for unlimited CrossFit classes (includes access to Open Gym)
-$190 for 10 visit punch card

  • This is our general physical preparedness class for adults. This is non-sports specific and an all around strength & conditioning class. Weight and movements are scaled to accommodate all experience levels. (Fundamentals or prior CrossFit experience required)

+Pre-Teen/Teen Group CrossFit Classes (grades 5-12)
     -$125/month for unlimited classes
-$180 for 10 visit punch card

  • This is our general physical preparedness, strength & conditioning class designed specifically for pre-teens/teens (grades 5-12). This is non-sports specific and will benefit any individual regardless of experience or athletic ability. Our focus is on teaching sound movement mechanics and proper weight lifting techniques in a fun and challenging environment. You are welcome to drop in for a free trial class anytime our Teen CrossFit classes are offered. (Fundamentals not required)

+CrossFit Kids Classes (grades 1-4)
   -$150 for 10 visit punch card

  • Exercise should be fun so that kids develop a positive relationship with physical activity for life! Our CrossFit Kids classes consist of constantly varied, functional movements that deliver a fitness that is broad, inclusive, general and scaleable for any participant at any level.

+Drop ins
-$20 per class (kids and teens)
     -$25 per class (adult group or open gym)

     -$50 per week (unlimited access) for out of town visitors
-$50 unlimited access (classes and/or open gym) for College athletes during spring or winter breaks
-$125 unlimited access (classes and/or open gym) for College athletes during summer break

  • Please call or email 24 hours in advance to let us know you are coming to visit.

*All memberships are auto charged monthly
*No refunds. Membership cancellations must be sent via email to at least 14 days prior to upcoming billing cycle
*Prices shown do not include WA sales tax
*Family discounts available (all members must be related and living at the same address)

Still have questions?  Please call or email to inquire about which offering is best for you.