Teen Weightlifting Program

This class is designed for the teen athlete who wants to learn proper lifting mechanics and improve overall strength. Under the watchful eye of a trained coach, teens will use a combination of primary lifts (squats, deadlifts, bench press, cleans, snatches and their various derivations) and accessory lifts. Teens will be assessed, taught and provided with a linear progression for key lifts.  This is an ideal program for teens to participate in during their off season to improve strength and help prevent sport specific overuse injuries.

Classes are offered 5:30-6:30pm M/W/F.   Month-to-month unlimited memberships are available for $125 plus tax, or you can opt to drop in on occasion for $20+tax/class. Please give us a call 206-713-7820 or email brandi@bicrossfit.com with any questions. If under 18, we require a parent or guardian download, print, sign and return the following forms before attending class.

Liability and Safety Waiver

Emergency Contact & Photo Release

Q. How experienced is your staff?

A. Coaches Chris & Jessica were both Division 1 athletes (ice hockey and softball respectively) and understand the importance of improving athleticism in conjunction with the specific demands of training for a given sport. Coach Brandi is one of only 20 head staff trainers in the world for CrossFit Kids. In addition to coaching kids/teens locally, she travels the world lecturing and providing hands on training,including proper movement mechanics and lifting techniques, for coaches and teachers who want to improve the lives and fitness of kids/teens. Coach Karen is currently the BHS Boys Basketball Assistant Varsity Coach, and all of our coaches have a minimum of 5 years coaching both power and olympic lifts.